The De La Cruz Case Files

Exacting Justice. Book 1 of the De La Cruz Case Files. Now Available in trade paperback and e-book from Down & Out Books.  Down&OutBooks/Exacting_Justice

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An unknown killer is waging a war on drugs. The murders are horrendous but with a silver lining—now stop signs are the only objects lingering on corners in the city’s toughest neighborhoods. Half the city calls for the police to end the killer’s reign. The other half cheers the killer on, denouncing the tactics but celebrating the progress police haven’t been able to achieve.

The gritty details of Cleveland’s drug underworld are nothing new to Homicide Detective Jesus De La Cruz. Two years earlier, Cruz worked undercover narcotics and was poised for a promotion that would have placed him in a coveted position within the drug organization. The deal went bad. Now he has a new face, a new job, and a new case.

The killer moves through the streets with impunity, identity still unknown. Demands for progress from his superiors, accumulated grief of the victim’s relatives, growing pressure from the public, and elevated stress from his family quietly pull Cruz apart. With no out, the detective moves all in, putting his own head on the line to bait a killer.

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Hello. Welcome.

I am TG Wolff, author of the De La Cruz Files series and the forth coming Diamond series. I began writing over ten years ago while living in Cleveland, Ohio and working on a project in Northern Kentucky. With little to fill the time along the I-71 corridor, I began create puzzles, little “whodunits” that kept my mind alert. The little puzzles became short stories and, eventually, full length mysteries. While I am an avid reader of mysteries and thrillers, I love, in capital letters, LOVE, creating mysteries for the reader to solve and enjoy.

In my day job, I am a Civil Engineer. I hold a Bachelor’s from Case Western Reserve University and a Master’s from Cleveland State University. I started in the Transportation field, designing roadways and the water systems that support them. After working nights on my Master’s degree, I began working in the water and wastewater industry, specializing in Clean Water Act compliance. What does that mean? I worked to keep rivers out of the sewers and sewage out of the rivers. While working for private companies, I served people and communities across the Midwest. Many of these became my favorite places and either inspired, or are directly brought into my stories. Currently, I work for one of the largest self-performing General Contractors in the Midwest, helping with the projects that keep our water clean and our communities strong.

So how do I reconcile Civil Engineering with writing mysteries and thrillers? Very nicely, thank you. Seriously, it all comes down to problem solving. As a Civil Engineer, I analyze the problems of our infrastructure, working backwards to figure out what caused them so that they can be resolved. As a mystery writer, I create the whodunits, and then work backwards to create the story that will be read front-to-back. I’m not a cop or a lawyer. My stories aren’t police procedurals or legal thrillers. I’m an Engineer. My stories are about the plot, the mystery. I like to make you think but give you everything you need to solve the problem.

Where I'm Lurking

June 10 Printer's Row (Chicago)

Mystery Writer's of America Tent

12-2 pm. Stop by! I'd love to chat about books, mysteries, and what you can't put down.


May 9 Writers Who Kill

E.B. Davis is a writer who kills. Cruz was very lucky to have her as a beta reader of his first mystery. On her May 9 blog post, E.B. and I get down to some thought provoking questions like...why don't we like Hayley Parker?


April 25 Indiana Wonderer

My long time friend and idea-bouncer-offer Kyra Jacob featured me and Jesus De La Cruz on her blog. She was the patient listener who suffered through me rambling as the character and storyline emerged. And she's right, I don't get lost in Indianapolis any more.

What Exactly is Exacting?

April 23-29 The Big Thrill

International Thriller Writers Roundtable. Topic: At their very core, how do you view your thrillers?" John Garner suggested stories boil down to either someone went on a journey or a stranger comes to down. My opinion is more fundamental.

April 23 – 29: “At their very core, how do you view your thrillers?”



April 16-22 The Big Thrill

International Thriller Writers Roundtable. Topic: What type of reading material do you select while writing a new draft?

Some people go non-fiction. Others go for craft tomes. And still others stay die hard mystery and thriller readers. Not this dog.


April 9-15 The Big Thrill

International Thriller Writers Roundtable. Topic: How do you create your antagonists.

I spend a lot of time with my antagonists. After all, they drive the story. If I don't understand them, you would understand their stories. This post delves into the process I use to let their voices rise.


April 2-8 The Big Thrill

International Thriller Writers Roundtable. Topic: How do you scour your manuscript.

My process meshes old school and new school together to ensure my manuscripts are as much fun to read as they were to write


March 23, 2018

Guest Blogging with Joanne Guidoccio at

Discussing the love of coffee Det. Jesus De La Cruz and I share and his favorite places to have a cuppa.