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Widow's Run. (Diamond Mystery #1) Released Nov 11, 2019. Available for pre-order at Down & Out Books, Amazon, Barnes and Noble


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Fishy Business. Available from Wildside Press, Amazon

Killer hooks and fishy characters will lure you into this fifth
anthology from the Guppies Chapter of Sisters in Crime. This
volume nets you twenty-two craft capers featuring slippery eels, wily sharks, and hardboiled crabs. From ultra-modern computer crimes to old-fashioned confidence tricks, these tales are sure to satisfy your appetite for great short stories.

Check mine out: The Fork, The Spoon, and The Knife.

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Hello. Welcome.

I am TG Wolff, mystery writer and Civil Engineer. I have always loved puzzles. It doesn't matter if the puzzles are made of words, numbers, or pictures. I dig on "figuring it out." Becoming an engineer was a natural, because that what I do -- figure out why things are broken, figure out how to fix them.

In my day job, I am a Civil Engineer. I hold a Bachelor’s from Case Western Reserve University and a Master’s from Cleveland State University. I started in the Transportation field, designing roadways and the water systems that support them. After working nights on my Master’s degree, I began working in the water and wastewater industry, specializing in Clean Water Act compliance. Currently, I work for one of the largest self-performing General Contractors in the Midwest, helping with the projects that keep our water clean and our communities strong.

I love reading mysteries for the "figuring it out." Over ten years ago while living in Cleveland, Ohio and working on a project in Northern Kentucky, with little to fill the time along the I-71 corridor, I began create puzzles, mini “whodunits” that kept my mind alert. The  puzzles became short stories and, eventually, full length mysteries. While I am an avid reader of mysteries and thrillers, I love, in capital letters, LOVE, creating mysteries for the reader to solve and enjoy.

As a mystery writer, I create the whodunits, and then work backwards to create the story that will be read front-to-back. I’m not a cop or a lawyer. My stories aren’t police procedurals or legal thrillers. My stories are about the plot, the mystery, with a fun twist of humor that makes life entertaining. I like to make you think but give you everything you need to solve the problem.

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Where I'm Lurking

Date TBD Mac's Backs, Cleveland Heights, Ohio

I'm excited to be coming back to Coventry to celebrate the anticipated release of Widow's Run. Stay tuned for details.

June 1 Middlebury Literary Festival

Join me at a mystery and thriller panel featuring four authors writing in four very different style. Moderator Micheal A. Black leads the discussion with me, John Keyse-Walker,  and Mark Edward Langley about the writing process, thriller styles, and writing characters different than ourselves.

April 14 Centuries and Sleuths CHICAGO

Down & Out in the City. I join mystery and thriller writers A.C. Frieden, Trey Barker, and Todd Henderson for a panel perspective on bringing the reader to the streets that inspire us. 2p-4p Central.