The Power of the Ampersand

Such a funny little symbol. One I can’t write for the life of me. Yet, I’ve developed an affection for this marvel of German ingenuity.

I have struggled for the last few years with how to satisfy two different sides of me. One is an engineer. The other is a mystery writer.

The engineer in me loves process and order, cause and effect, problems and solutions.

The writer in me loves process and order, cause and effect, problems and solutions.

I did my undergrad at Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland, Ohio. There, arts were separated from sciences by Euclid Avenue. North side of the street had the humanities departments, Cleveland Institute of Music, Cleveland Institute of Art. South side had all the engineering and science departments, Case School of Medicine, Case Dental School.

Stand on the lines down the center of the road and you can see Severence Hall (home to the Cleveland Orchestra) and University Hospitals (a major teaching clinic). It is the nexus of art & science.

That’s when it hit me. **BAM** I don’t have to choose between Art OR Science.


Beginning today, I am embracing both sides of my brain, letting the little gray brain cells play with words and number because…get this…IT’S FUN.

With this blog, I’m going to explore the incredible things that result from connecting Arts&Science and, hopefully, help reinforce the concept that we are at our best when we embrace the ampersand. ~TGW

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