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Planning a technical event and looking for an arts infusion, then...

I'm your woman

But if your planning an arts event and looking for a technical infusion, then...

Your woman I am!

Speaking Topics Include:

Ampersand. The Nexus of Arts & Science

It's not arts OR science. It's arts & science. Two sides of the same coin. Ampersand explores how art dramatizes science and how science transcribes art. There isn't one without the other. Learn from Leonard DaVinci and others how living on the ampersand informs, entertains, and advances.



No Apologies! It's your life...and it all matters!

Every one of us is a complex collection of interests, skills, and experiences that come together to make us the dynamic person we are. Too often, we downgrade ourselves. We think hobbies have nothing to offer our professional roles. Our negative experiences need to be hidden. Stop making apologies! It's your life...and it all matters!



Diversify! It's not just for portfolios

In the age of specialization, this is a call for diversification. Want to get better at what you do? Spread your wings and learn something new. In doing so, you'll stay more engaged, more interested, and be able to lead the charge forward. 




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