One of my favorite genres to read is Romance, specifically Romantic Suspense. It’s where I escape to when life gets too heavy. I like the faster pacing and the twist of the puzzle or the rush of the thrill. It’s not surprising that I enjoy writing this genre, too. It has all the fun of writing a mystery with the added dimensions of the relationship and telling two complete stories in one book.

Come Get Lost with Me….

Meet Butch McCormick, Jeb McCormick, and Tom Riley. Three men who thought they had life by the horns until they met three special women.

Kate Riley is an architect working in Tennessee on her first signature building. The work is hard but the satisfaction immense. Falling in love with County Music star Butch McCormick wasn’t on her to-do list. The laid back farm boy with the sexy smile wins over the romantic heart she didn’t know she had. When Butch’s ex-wife are murdered, the trail of clues lead to Kate. Butch and Kate are in the middle of a mystery they have to unravel before Kate is his next dead ex. 

Carolina Walker is brilliant, beautiful, and a recluse. The journalist turned researcher has caught some very undesirable attention. When an attempt is made on her life, her brother calls in the only man he can trust: Jebediah McCormick. Experience in the military and as the county sheriff give the  private security expert an edge that he’ll need to not only win the girl…but keep her alive.

Peach Morales is a private detective in between jobs and in between boyfriends when she goes home to visit her grandfather and uncle. In a construction accident, a crane collapses into Lake Erie. The company owner lays blame on the crane operator’s shoulders–her uncle. Peach will do anything to clear her uncle’s name, including seducing the forensic engineer Tom Riley. Tom quickly realizes the accident for what it is, and now, he’s in a killer’s cross hairs.  Peach and Tom find the other is exactly what they never thought they’d find, at exactly the wrong time.

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