Quinoa: the ingredient

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If you live in a meat-loving house like I do, you likely have suffered through the sideways looks when dinner doesn’t include one of the big three (chicken, pork, or beef). Although my family loves pasta and takes seconds on rice, putting quinoa, cous cous, or similar on the table makes them act like you are trying to poison them.

Ancient Inca warriors feasted on the energy packed seeds, but it was deemed “too weird” by those who think food from a box is better.

Still, I’m the cook, so until they are willing to tie an apron on, we do have quinoa. One of my favorite recipes is from Cookie and Kate. It’s called a Better Broccoli Casserole, but she could have called it the Better Quinoa Casserole or Better Cheddar Casserole (that one rolls of the tongue nicely.)


I made the casserole just last week with the Husband in the kitchen. He was skeptical when I roasted the broccoli, hopeful when I grated the cheese, curious when I made the homemade breadcrumbs. (Very important: do not get lazy and skip the breadcrumbs. They are amazing.) But when he noticed the little pot with my perfectly made quinoa, his face fell. I believe he said something like…

“I thought you were going to put Tater Tots in it. Why are you ruining it?”

While the glorious tot would have nicely suited the broccoli and cheddar, quinoa made it into a main dish. So, I ignored him and listened to Kate. End result? Yummy! I will admit to one deviation, we added hot sauce to our bowls, kicking the heat up a few notches. The Husband ate it without complaint and voluntarily had leftovers for lunch. Translation…

“Damn. Quinoa is my new favorite food. When can we have it again?”

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