Forgetting Grocery List Nets Candy Bar

When it comes to the household, cooking is my primary chore. Which means the grocery shopping falls to me. It's not something I dread. I kind of enjoy picking out my items and knowing exactly what is in my bags. Alright, since they added the Starbucks, maybe I'm a little less reluctant than I use to be. But then show me a parent that scoffs at an hour of solitude and a favorite beverage and I'll show you a LIAR!

Anyway, being me, I have a very systematic approach to this weekly chore. I make a list based on a menu for the week, cross checked against my pantry and the things in my refrigerator that will make it through another week. I tackle the floor plan of the store with the Zamboni-like precision, beginning at Starbucks, ending at the check out.

My footpath with grocery list
My footpath with grocery list

But once in a while, I forget the list that it took me a half hour to make. The primary problem with this is I make a list SPECIFICALLY so I don't have to remember what is on it. Really, if I memorized the list, there would be no point in making one. I usually can remember what was on it...just not in the right order.

My footpath sans list
My footpath sans list

It feels like I walk for-ev-er when I forget my list.

So, I did a little experiment. How much extra effort is exerted when I forget my list and what is it worth.

With my list, I walk about 2,470 steps (roughly 1 mile) over a round-trip time of one hour. Simply walking, this burns approximately 85 calories. But I'm not simply walking, I'm pushing a grocery cart, so we'll add 25% for the effort. Call it 106 calories.

When I forget the list, I easily double the steps. By the time I've covered the store side to side and back again, I'm closing in on a two mile walk, pushing the cart. Usually, my temper is also boiling, which added a few calories to the mix. Call in 250 calories.

This is the same about of calories I burn with 20 minutes on an elliptical or playing golf using a cart for 60 minutes.

But rather than think about what I saved, I prefer to think about what I earned. Answer: one half of this candy bar.

After doing the analysis, I have determined that I am likely to "forget" my grocery list most weeks and enjoy my dark chocolate knowing I earned every delicious bite.


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