Diamond: the kickass lead in my next release

A while back, I listened to a story on NPR that ended up being the seed for my newest hero, Diamond. Sadly, I can’t remember which program it was or who was interviewing whom, but what made such a strong impression on me what the idea that old time detectives were such effective characters because they had nothing to lose. Having something to lose is the deterrent that keeps us all in line. We don’t do most of those crazy, wild, or amazing irresponsible ideas we all have because we don’t want to lose our…

Life, Job, Spouse/Partner, Home, Kids, Friends, Future, Freedom, Money, Family, Sanity, Health, etc., etc.

Classic detectives had no families, worked alone and owned little to nothing. They could take on the tough jobs because they could afford the price of losing.

I wanted to create such a character, a “good guy” who wasn’t bound by “good guy” rules.

The set up: Annalisa Rubchinskaya, an ex-CIA agent turned newlywed, suburban housewife, and authority figure of Washington DC’s toughest kids. Her husband, Dr. Gavriil Rubchinsky, was a noted researcher in agriculture, bent on finding a solution to world hunger. He was in Rome promoting his promising research on quinoa when he stepped into a street and killed by a hit and run driver.

Six months later, a shaking video surfaced showing Gavriil was pushed.

The new widow took the evidence to the Italian police where she was given sympathy, but her husband’s case was not re-opened.


17387695 - vector illustration beautiful female green eye

Determined to find justice for her husband and out of legal options, the new widow faked her own death and resurrected her undercover identity: Diamond. One name for a woman with a single purpose.

Freed from the confines of society, this diamond hard woman…

  • attended her own funeral
  • injected a carjacker with an Epi-pen, telling him it was mind control juice
  • mascaraed as a sophisticated slut in three in heels to seduce a man faking an injury for the insurance
  • robbed three men who are robbing a bank
  • generally caused mayhem everywhere her heels touch down - Washington DC, Rome, Tuscany, Oklahoma, Baltimore.

Over the coming weeks, I’ll share more about the weird and wonderful things that inspired Diamond and her first adventure, WIDOW’S RUN.

Next up….QUINOA

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