You know your blood is thick when…

you reach for your light coat because it's snowing BUT you can see the grass.

Here we are in mid-March and the lion and the lamb are tussling for control. I've given up trying to figure out how to dress, sticking to wearing layers and pealing off to match the temperature. As we were getting ready to go out yesterday, my teenage son grabs his light weight coat. It's an unlined, faux-leather with a sweatshirt hood that is good for cool temps but can't stand up to a good wind. Having a good mom moment, I pointed out the window. At the snow. That was falling. And sticking to the back porch.

He shrugged into the coat. "It's just chilly."

And....he was right. I was fine in my shirt and hoodie. It will never cease to entertain me how cold 32 is when we are coming from 50 and how cozy it is when we are climbing back up from 20.

12013386 - gray wolf (canis lupus) in winter

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